How we work

Great buildings

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”                Winston Churchill

It’s been estimated that we spend as much as 90% of our time inside buildings. It’s vital, therefore, that our homes, schools and workplaces are healthy spaces that contribute to our wellbeing.


Initial Meeting

RIBA Work stages 0 & 1

The design process begins with a meeting, usually at your property.

We offer a free 1-hour consultation. 

We will help you define your brief, set out options, and explain the various consents that may be required.

If you choose to appoint us we will then work with you to develop a number of options. These options will explore alternative approaches and ideas for you project. 

Concept Design

RIBA Work stages 2 & 3

The design process is collaborative. We will discuss each aspect of the proposal with you as the design develops.

We use drawings, 3d models and materials samples to help you understand the design and the quality of spaces.

  • We advise on the appointment of other consultants,
  • Apply for planning consents,
  • Apply for other consents.

Technical Design

RIBA Work stage 4

The concept design is developed to include all technical matters, ready to obtain prices for construction. This may include,

  • Applying for building control approval,
  • coordinating with other consultants, such as a structural engineers,
  • part wall matters,
  • interior design
  • selecting a building contract,
  • inviting tenders.


RIBA Work stages 5 & 6

During construction works, your architect will visit the site to see that the work is proceeding in accordance with the design and the contract.

On completion your architect will make final inspections and advise on any rectification required.

For further information on the RIBA Plan of Work you can visit the RIBA at