The first stage of any project should be to check that it is feasible. We will review your requirements (the Brief) and check that the site is suitable and that the budget is realistic.

If a job is not realistic this will save you time and money. 


Perhaps the part that Architects enjoy most and where they can demonstrate individual flair.

Our experience shows uis that clients need help to develop their own ideas. We will help you to explore you own ideas and then challenge you to go further!

Construction Management

Perhaps the part that many clients are most intimidated by. 

We can help by ‘administering’ a construction contract on your behalf. We monitor progress, quality and cost.

Interior design

We can help you further explore the interiors in you project.

With domestic projects this may include helping you to develop ideas into a brief, to source finishes and fittings and to plan a project.

Landscape design

All buildings have a setting. This setting may be a large estate, a small garden, or just a pavement.

All buildings benefit from consideration of this setting. We recommend all clients set aside a budget for ‘Landscaping’.

We can help you to optimise this budget

Other building services

Party Wall Matters

Site appraisal

Self build consulancy

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