Proposed alteration and extension to family home.

Paul Lonergan Architects are working with a new client to alter and extend their home. We were recommended by a previous client. The new clients chose our practice because of our experience of adding contemporary extensions to traditional homes.

The property is an attractive mid-century detached house in Essex. The house retains much of it’s original charm and original features. These include Crittall windows, brick corbels, open timber eaves and stained glass doors and screens.

Following a free initial consultation at the client’s home we have carried out a measured survey, a photographic survey, produced drawings of the existing home and a CGI model. We do this because we want any design we produce to be based on accurate and reliable information.

Initial ideas.

We have used the CGI model to produce several options, each increasing in floor area (and cost). The options help us explore different ways to achieve the clients ‘must have’ requirements. Our clients really appreciate CGI images of proposals. Of course, although many people can understand plan, elevation and section drawings. Nevertheless, we find that most clients benefit from the extra time taken to produce 3D models and CGI images.

We have used the model to;

• explore the appearance of different extensions,
• explore different building forms (contemporary and more traditional),
• try out internal and external materials, and
• experiment with the location and form of doors and windows.

We have now met with the client a second time. This was to discuss the merits of each option. The clients are really pleased with the variety of options we presented and the novel ideas used to improve their home.

Design Options

The clients had assumed they would need to add an extension to the home to create a better kitchen. We have shown them how they can reorder the existing house to make it work better for them without adding an extension. We usually try to provide a client with one option like this  as this may be the most cost effective solution.

Other options show a variety of extensions. Please look at some of the images below to see how we have done this.

We also looked at options for altering the loft and first floor bathrooms.

It’s taken us three weeks to get to this point following the initial consultation.

Get in touch.

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