We have just received planning approval for a large extension to a house east of Chelmsford, Essex.

Our client wanted to extend across the rear of their home and create a link to an outbuilding. Our proposal is to insert a light-filled garden room, with vaulted ceiling, between the existing house and outbuilding. The link also incorporates a new side entrance, wc and utility. This frees up space in the kitchen for family use and entertaining.

Our high quality and detailed planning application was validated quickly and the decision was made within the 8-week window.

At Paul Lonergan Architects we believe in doing a great job every time. Our process ensures speedy processing of planning applications, and our local knowledge and experience will maximise the chance of success with planning applications.

Top Tip –

Although a planning application should be processed within 8-weeks, some applications can take much longer than this. One cause of delays is in validation of the application.

When the local authority receive a planning application they first  check that there is sufficient information for them to process the application. This is called validation.

If your application does not have the information the local authority need they will return the application, with no decision. It can take the council more the 3-weeks to respond. You can see, therefore, that this can easily add a month or more to the time it takes to get a decision.

If you are submitting the application yourself, ask the council if they have a Validation Checklist. If you then follow the advice in this checklist you will improve your chance of getting your application validated first time.

All the best.

Paul Lonergan.