Planning Success on difficult site.

Paul Lonergan Architects has won planning permission for a contemporary extension to a 19th century farmhouse.

The clients previous consultant had failed with two planning applications and an appeal. When we were then appointed we succeeded first time!

farm house extensions

When we came on board we quickly understood there was a miss-match between the clients aspirations and the designs already produced. Also, the designs did not optimise with the opportunities of the site nor deal with the concerns of neighbours.

It was vital to assess the site, the clients requirements and the planning history to date, before creating a new design. Therefore we spent time to;

  1.  Thoroughly understand the clients needs, and desires.
    • we sat with the client on site and discussed at length the reasons they love the house and site, but also the problems they experience.
    • we took time to understand the clients priorities, for new spaces, and their and preferences for character, appearance and materials,
  2. Assess the potential of the site by a careful site analysis,
    • we walked the site and boundaries with the client to understand their opinion of views from the house, and
    • to understand the concerns of neighbours,
  3. Assess the attitude of the local authority to the site,
    • our experience in working with old buildings gives us an insight into how what planning officers view these buildings, and the potential to extend and altering them,
    • it’s often possible to read between the lines of reasons given for refusal, and to chart a course to a successful outcome,
  4. Assess the appeal inspectors critique of the unsuccessful appeal,
    • the appeal inspectors report can provide a wealth of clues to guide one to a successful outcome.

We are grateful to the client who trusted us to work with then to produce an exceptional design, contemporary in character, and welcomed by the planning department.

The clients have kindly provided the following testimonial on our work.

“We contacted Paul after we had been through two failed planning applications and 1 failed planning appeal. We have a tricky plot with 7 properties surrounding us and some tricky neighbours. Add into the mix our house was deemed a ‘Non-Designated Historical Asset’ and that we wanted to pretty much double the size of it, we didn’t exactly present an straight forward extension.

Paul was fantastic, he listened to all our requests, everything from ‘hearing the rain’ through to creating a ‘coffee corner’. We were completely blown away with the choice of design Paul presented. He has helped us through both the design and the practicalities of getting through planning. On his first attempt, we had planning permission granted and have ended up with a much better design than we could have imagined.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Paul and his practice to anyone, I just wish we had found him sooner!

Self Build

We are now working with the clients to get the job ready for site and the successful completion of their self-build. We’ve been able to offer advice on method of construction including off-site prefabrication.